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Autor Thema: New WolfPack Members
WolfPack Clan
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Erstellt am 10. Februar 2004 16:14 (#1) Zitat E-Mail PN
Please allow me to introduce our two newest Wolves , WhiteWolf and CrashWolf

When the moon is full
and the sky is black,
the Wolves are roaming.
Stay clear of the track !!

Hoyt Dynatec ,
Mirage Arrow Rest ,
Copper John Dead Nuts Pin Sight ,
Vibracheck Stabilizer ,
Sims Limb Savers ,
Alpine Archery SoftLoc Quiver ,
Sims String Leechs
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Erstellt am 10. Februar 2004 17:19 (#2) Zitat HP E-Mail PN
thx for the info ArcherWolf :top: and congrats CrashWolf and WhiteWolf :rock:

...manchmal verliert man und mal gewinnen die anderen.
...sometimes one loses and sometimes wins the others.

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Erstellt am 10. Februar 2004 19:05 (#3) Zitat E-Mail PN
CrashWolf and WhiteWolf are also cordially welcome in our forum. :hallo:

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